Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beginnings are always difficult and rarely successful. If beginnings were dispensed with, there would be a lot more endings. So I started this blog in the simplest way I could, with a courteous and curt "Hello." One day I shall conclude it with a simple "Good-bye." Between those two blog-ends I intend to arrange, in as orderly a manner as possible, everything I know about Cuba's past and what I believe the future holds for my native land. I claim no exclusive knowledge and I have no hidden agenda. My open agenda, however, is nothing less than the salvation of my country. It is my believe that Cuba cannot be saved until it is released from the tyranny it has endured for 47 years. This aberration in our history, this abrupt departure from the vanguard of civilization, was the work of one man--Fidel Castro. The soon-to-be octogenerian may die tomorrow or live the 140 years which his personal physician predicts. No matter. There is no statute of limitation on the truth (or on murder). It may not be too late for the truth to catch-up to Castro as it did with Ceaucescu. When he dies, let it be with the world's condemnation ringing in his ears. As for his victims, divine justice is yet another reason for us to believe in God.


Blogger AlanL said...

Due to just one man Fidel Castro? Things are never due to just one man. Stalin & Lenin would not have to come to power without the awful Tsarist regime beforehand. Similarly the corrupt Batista paved the way very nicely for Castro. No Lenin without a Tsar beforehand, no Castro without a Batista, no Chavez without a corrupt Venezeulan elite.

12:15 AM  
Blogger JSword said...

One could easily fall prey to over-simplified cause and effect themes. The situation in Cuba was a bit more complex, meaning in part that part of what actually took place was orchestrated outside of Cuba, including the U.S. And yes, many had a part in it, including Batista, but ultimately that's in the past. What matters is the enslavement and destruction of Cuba by Fidel Castro and his clan since 1959.

11:03 PM  

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